Wildlife Watch

Featuring a range of ecosystems, from mountain to wetland, Dillon and Silverthorne are home to a multitude of wildlife. Enjoy the experience of seeing these creatures, but stay a safe distance away and never feed the wildlife. Here are a few Exit 205 residents:

Moose: According to Daryl Roepke, volunteer with the Friends of the Dillon Ranger District, “Moose are very unpredictable. In the spring, they calve down here
[in the valley] because we have a lot of wetlands. It’s fun to see them, but you’ve got to be careful.”

“You can often see mountain goats at the top of Buffalo Mountain,” says Roepke. “They’re comfortable being around people, but you don’t want to approach them, and you definitely don’t want to feed them.”

Elk: Look for a big herd of elk in the Blue River Valley during the winter. By summer, they move up higher to timberline.

Osprey: These slender birds can be seen by their nests at four locations in Silverthorne and “fishing” over North Pond Park, the Blue River, and the pond at Willow Grove.

To learn more about wildlife in the area,

visit www.fdrd.org